La Luna

full moon fire

She didn’t quite know what the relationship was between lunatics and the moon, but it must be a strong one, if they used a word like that to describe the insane.― Paulo Coelho

If you’re anything like our family, we know when the full moon is coming each month. This is because we’ve noticed over the years that we can become moodier, more sensitive or more tired during these periods. Through our awareness, we are better able to manage at a time when feelings tend to become a little more unmanageable.

Instead of ignoring the monthly shifting energy, we try to notice it, and if we have time, embrace it through some type of ritual. The full moon energy is about release. If someone in our family is struggling with a particular issue, we ask that they are able to let the struggle go. Sometimes we gather around a fire in the backyard and take turns speaking of what we’d like to release. Sometimes we have a dance party in our living room and let it all out there. Sometimes we acknowledge that what we need most is rest, so we retreat to different corners of the house for quiet time. Other times we meet with friends, and create art with the intention of surrendering whatever it is we need to put down. We do what we need in response to the energy the moon draws from us.

I guess you could call us lunatics, because we claim this sensitivity to the moon. We prefer to think of ourselves as living in flow with nature and use it as a time to connect to our creative spirit as fully as we can, while marking the passing of another month of life.

If you have enough time to slow down and notice how you feel as the moon grows fuller next month, maybe take a few moments to think about things you might like to let go of in your life. The more we let go of what isn’t working for us and what we don’t need, the more time, space and energy we have to cultivate exactly what we want.

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