Letting Go of Fear

1294Fear, to a great extent, is born of a story we tell ourselves and so I chose to tell myself a different story. –Cheryl Strayed

I’m not fancy and I certainly am not tech savvy. But I have some ideas I’d like to share.

And so, armed with great ideas and not a whole lot else, I find myself here, creating content to be shared with you, dear reader. And while the whole thing is simple, it’s also not very simple at all.

In this age of quick communication and almost universal access to technology, it is hard to keep perspective on what is real. The heavily curated reflections of life we are perpetually inundated by have created a level of complexity that makes it harder than ever to let go of perfectionism and risk putting yourself out there.

The most challenging thing about starting something new is fear. Will it be good enough? And the answer is almost always yes. Will it, however, be the best? Probably not right off the hop, and that is just fine. It’s is a great reminder not to compare ourselves to others, as well as acknowledging everything starts as something infantile. And that’s okay, because with effort, nurturing and practice, everything grows.

Let’s imagine for a minute that you have an idea you would like to share with the world. The next part of the process is what we’re interested in examining. Do you feel compelled to get it done? Or are you the type that is slowed by your inner critic? If you embrace the inner critic you’ll feel fear, insecurity. You’ll want to jump ship. But, even if you do cease your efforts for a time, our merciful universe will gently tug at you, nudging you toward what you’d really like to do again and again, until you heed the call. So when you feel the fear that a pursuit you have taken on just isn’t going to measure up, know that the hardest thing to do is begin. It is completely natural to question yourself, it is part of your resistance, but that resistance is a cue that you are doing exactly what you’d most like to be doing. You’re just scared. And really, we all are.

We are all creative spirits, with endless ideas to share. Somewhere along the way we learn that creativity is meant for the truly gifted, when, in fact, simply being a living, breathing, sentient human makes you as creative as everyone else. That little whisper to open that bakery you’ve always wanted, the inexplicable pull to an exotic destination, your long held dream to bind books and share them, whatever you are pulled to do, that’s your creativity coursing through you. It’s your calling. The idea that you aren’t enough is just an illusion. Don’t buy into it, or you will miss the chance to unfold in the world in the most satisfying way and rob the world of what you are capable of.

And so, a little exercise, the next time you get excited about beginning something, let go of the inner critic, the comparisons and the perfectionism. Don’t let yourself be consumed by the worry. Stay the course, remembering, you don’t have to be the best, you just have to show up and get the work done. And then, practice.

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