Midnight shout and revelry,
Tipsy dance and jollity.
                          –John Milton

As plants are heavy with blooms, soaking the air with their perfume and the sunlight stretches long into the evening, we move closer to midsummer. It becomes harder to sleep and our impulse is to simply do more. It’s a glorious season, to be sure, especially after the winter we in Canada endured this year.

Living in a polar country on this planet is a distinct thing, the ever-changing seasons a delightful reminder of the grandeur of Earth. But each season calls upon a different aspect of us and right now, there is a pull toward the external. There is a lot going on, a lot to participate in. Deep in even our ancient selves, for thousands of years, this point in the year has been a time of revelry and celebration. The solstice is our peak, after which we can settle into a calmer pace. Whether you choose to think of these things consciously, or not, it doesn’t matter. Everything living is affected. If you’ve felt an unusual intensity lately, this is part of why. For our own well-being, it’s helpful to notice and care for ourselves and each other accordingly. Amidst the joy, connection and wildness, gently guide yourself to remember rest.

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