Take Up Your Instrument


My throat often hurts. Not in the scratchy, I am sick kind of way, but in a way that I have come to realize means I am not adequately expressing my voice. If I ignore it, the feeling progresses into my chest and I feel a weight that wasn’t there before. My breathing becomes a bit more laboured. Once I begin to write, this tension in my body dissipates.

Just like everything living, the human body carries innate wisdom. Our bodies know when we are practicing right living and let us know when something needs to change. To be clear, I am not talking about illness or chronic pain here, but the individual bodily feedback each of us has the opportunity to listen for day to day.

If this idea is new to you, scanning your body, the practice of getting comfortable and then becoming aware of your body from head to toe is a great way to begin developing this skill. At first you will notice certain feelings and sensations, but the more regularly you practice this check in, the more you will start to see patterns and understand what your body requires more or less of.

Move more. Take up your instrument. Rest. Time to stretch. Breathe the outside air. Hold someone’s hand. Eat. Make love. Take your shoes off and touch the ground. Lay down in the sun and feel the warmth. Laugh more. Swim. Blow bubbles. Do what feels right. Honour what your body is requesting of you, and through that, the divine wisdom of the universe expressing itself through you. You are being called.

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