Let Go

She used to tell me that a full moon was when mysterious things happen and wishes come true.    –Shannon A. Thompson

As the moon cycle reaches its monthly apex, people around the world prepare to do the work of releasing what no longer serves. We routinely clean possessions (tidying our homes and laundering our clothes, etc) but what about cleansing ourselves?

In our journey, we gather things, some quite deliberately and others entirely by circumstance or accident. Regardless of how we accumulate our experiences, they are collected, each of them inscribing us with something. While we may not be skilled at being intentional about what we allow into our experience, attention to what we are willing to carry around with us, or not, can help us balance that out.

As the moon reaches fullness this weekend, it is time to shed. Take a few moments to check in to see if there is anything you may like to let go of. If there is, make a list and rip it up, breathe it out, or share around a fire with some friends. It’s that simple. Just let go.

And if you find there is nothing there, maybe walk outside after sunset and take in the moonlight, just basking in the glow, grateful to have been here on this planet for another cycle.

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  1. I think when we write about letting go, it often involves something we want to rid ourselves of for one reason or another. But it can also be like a graduation, or a celebration of some sort. Instead of thinking of it as something we want to get rid of, we can acknowledge ourselves for having had the courage to try something or to go someplace where a lot of folks would never dare to go or do. We can thank ourselves for having the power to not be afraid to try something new, and acknowledge ourselves for being so adventuresome.

    There really is not an unhappy ending. There is the fact that every story has a beginning, a middle and an ending, and so it is essential to have an ending before the next story can begin. Life is a series of stories, and every person who comes into our lives beings us a gift of helping us to see life as we look through a kaleidoscope. Each person is a teacher for us and brings us a valuable lesson. When they have gone on to another student, we can be grateful that we had an opportunity to have still another way to perceive life. Our lives have been so enhanced by whatever challenges they presented to us. Life without challenges never allows us to develop compassion for others, or to know how to deal with others who have their own challenges to deal with. The richness, depth, and color of life is possible because of the many paths we walk in life.

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    1. This is really beautiful, Anne! Thank you.
      I agree, it is the challenges that cause the growth and, as such, gratitude is in order, even (especially?) for difficult things.

      This also makes me think of a long time friend of mine and a discussion we had about letting people go. She calls it the soul contract being over.

      Thank you, again, for offering your perspective. It definitely has brought some richness. 🙏😊

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