Aprils have never meant much to me, autumns seem that season of beginning, spring.
                                                                                                             –Truman Capote

There’s no doubt about it, autumn is upon us in Calgary. I know, technically, we have a few weeks to go, but anyone who lives here can feel the shift in the air, the crispness, and we are all reaching for extra layers as we go about our days.

Autumn is so many things.

It is the end of summer. And what a summer it has been. This year I let go of a lot of relatively unimportant things and practiced being present and simplifying everything I could, from material possessions to day to day living. I worried about very little, instead placing that energy in action to make our lives easier and more joyful. I practiced rest, connecting to nature daily and made time to celebrate. I intended to be in flow, and for the most part, I was.

Endings are difficult, especially when something you have enjoyed is coming to a close. As someone close said to me about a week ago, “it is the Sunday of summer.” It is a bittersweet space of transition between the joy and ease of summer to whatever this particular autumn will bring. I can’t wait. Just as I love experiencing each age and stage in my family’s life, I also love each season for what it brings.

Autumn has always felt like the beginning of the yearly cycle to me. It isn’t because of a new school year, or that many of us resume a regular routine. It is because it’s the time of year all things living start to return back into themselves. Seeds develop, both literally and figuratively and wait in patience for half a year, until conditions are right once again, ready for more life to burst forth. Like the seeds, we must wait, so we make plans and organize, setting intentions and taking action for things we may not see the fruit of for some time to come. We do this as naturally as we sleep and wake every day, we do this because we know where we are in the yearly cycle. We gather up the harvest of the year and preserve it to last as far as we can make it go. We reconnect with friends who have been away adventuring. And we maybe rest a little bit easier knowing that in the coming months things will get quieter as we go deep.

Autumn, welcome!

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  1. I am great lover of autumn too. Over here in southern Australia the weather is beginning to warm up. Spring isn’t far away.
    I like what you say about living simply and taking time to rest. That’s what I’m attempting to do too .

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  2. Autumn is my daughter’s favorite season. Here in So. IL if we have enough rain it is beautiful. We still have a week or two of summer left before autumn starts kicking in for good.
    Thank you for choosing to follow my blog. May it bring you peace and strength as you keep simplifying your life. I’m wanting to do some of that too.


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