The Becoming


World-power means nothing. Only the unsayable, inner jeweled life matters.

Like anything in nature, we are challenged by our environment. We are stretched, pelted, weathered. Sometimes we are sheltered. Always connected to the vast network of everything and everyone else. Our experience is immense. So, what’s important?

Through each of us courses the purest aspect of ourselves. Our essence. Though this strand runs through all that’s living, it manifests only according to the individual. In this complex world we inevitably become distracted, adding and shedding layers in response to our journey. We are born, we forget, then have the opportunity to remember.

Somewhere along the way we may begin to heed the call to become ourselves, gathering the moments that feel most right, diligently piecing together the puzzle. We realize the finite nature of time and internalize the concept of lifespan. We evaluate, we self-edit, push, pull, listen. At some point, all the achievement, all of the material things, all of the complications fall away and we just are who we are.

What happens when there is nothing left to prove? There is peace.

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