October Magic


I have yet to share anything other than my own thoughts on my blog, but today I am writing about an incredibly beautiful publication created by my friend and artist Dana da Ponte, whose work in leading individuals to care for themselves is nothing short of inspiring. Oriana’s Monthly Moonside Companion is a monthly offering leading seekers through a series of carefully created meditations and exercises designed to connect us to nature and delve into spirit.

As the trees drop their leaves and the temperatures dip, we are called to go inward. At the same time, the separation between the spirit realm and ours lessens. We feel this as the tension and quiet that occurs only at this time of year and we are well served to explore it. Created with “sensitive healers and creative entrepreneurs (and the families they nurture)” in mind, Oriana’s Monthly Moonside Companion is narrated as much by the moon cycle as da Ponte, whose intricate strokes of ink and wisdom artfully invoke the moodiness and depth of the season.

So many of us feel pulled to delve into self-care or nature in this way but have no idea where to begin. While it’s true you need nothing other than time, inclination and your own intuition, there is so much value in having someone guide you. Original and playful, experienced and nurturing, da Ponte’s work allows you to tap into your own creative energy almost effortlessly. Inspired by an interview with Cat Webb and the goddess Hecate and including exercises that draw upon the moon cycle and our ancestors, this issue is at once an exploration and celebration of October, and really the whole year. It’s truly exquisite.

 Available here: danadaponte.com/creative-workbook

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  1. Lauren, thank you so much for this thoughtful review of my monthly offering. Your way with words always makes my heart smile. Thank you for using your word magic to share your thoughts about something I created.

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