The long path home

pathYour task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.       –Rumi


It’s November now and and as we slip toward the end of the calendar year, I can’t help but notice the darkness. It’s both the physical darkness here in Canada, soon to be more as we change our clocks and head toward the winter solstice, but also the broader social darkness in the world. It seems there is a heaviness like I have never noticed before.

There are moments I simply don’t want to plug into the daily news cycle. I’d rather not acknowledge the difficulties this world is facing. The privilege of not having to notice, of actually having that choice, instead of being forced to endure unthinkable things, is staggering. And while it is technically possible for me to choose to ignore this dark age for now, it doesn’t make a lot of sense and here’s why:

We are all connected. Every person, every family, each neighbourhood and country. All the flora and fauna, each river and ocean, the forests and deserts, the atmosphere, and depending on your beliefs, as far beyond as you can fathom. All of it, inextricably connected. Forever.

Which means each shift affects you. And how you choose to live ripples out to others as well. The way we choose to live our lives matters. First, to ourselves and those closest to us, but then to others and our environment. The more we offer a hand to another, share a smile or transmute our own pain without need for sharing it with others, the more we practice our innate capacity to heal. It is from that place of wholeness that we can work together to solve anything.

So, we do not have to suffer under the pressure of the dark. We don’t even have to avoid it. All we need to begin to create change is remember that we cannot possibly exisit in isolation and keep our hearts soft enough to continue feel our way along our chosen paths on the long road home to love.

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  1. This idea of interconnectedness is one that I’ve been wrestling with for a while now because I feel like, now, more than ever, we need connection. It seems like the more we press forward the further we get from actually connecting with people in a real and honest way that extends beyond our social platforms. Does that make sense? I really appreciate this post and how you illustrated a gradual progression of darkness to light, it reminds me of walking through the woods and being covered by grove trees until eventually, they start to dissipate and allow the light in. This is beautifully written.

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  2. I agree with Drew. This IS beautiful writing. I really love it. Thank you so kindly. This is a complex world in so many different ways. When you look at it in dream time, it reminds of of a beautiful kaleidoscope with so many different ways to see life. I am just glad to be here, and I just take the days as they come, seeing each one as a separate universe full of so many new wonders. Everything has a dual reality – heat and cold, wet and dry, sunny and dark, and we do too. It is a total miracle, and I want to see it that way. Everything on this earth, whether or not we acknowledge it or not, is dependent on everything else. Thank you again, Lauren. Happy Thanksgiving or whatever holidays you celebrate.

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      1. I read somewhere that the dark just means there are stars shining out there. And may your life always be joyful, or when it is not, the sadness washed away with good solid tears so that it is like the stream that never goes backwards. Yes, we are all blessed to be here and we all belong here or we would not be. We are all important for the survival of this planet as it is for us. May your holidays be beautiful and full of grace. Anne

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