Life Building


It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.

So you’ve been working hard to figure out exactly what you’d like to build next in your life. This is a major accomplishment. The majority of our world does not outwardly support that we make work of knowing our purpose or seek to fulfill our deepest desires or closest held dreams. So if you’ve been able to follow your own breadcrumb trail to reach the knowledge of what you’d really like to contribute in this lifetime, you have done some really intense soul searching work. But take a deep breath, because somewhere inside yourself you must know your work is just starting.

Any builder needs a plan. A vision with enough structure to keep you moving in the right direction, but enough flexibility to course correct is ideal. You need commitment and resolve. You will do the necessary work, one foot in front of the other. You will move yourself along the path, unprompted, when you are dejected, when you don’t want to, when you feel like you are failing, when you feel way too exposed or vulnerable or downright scared. You will remember your commitment and keep going because, ultimately, it’s the only way to get things done. And when things are easy, you will honour that same commitment by celebrating what you have made and your connection to your unique creative energy. You’ll find yourself giving in to the gratitude that inevitably washes over you because you have heeded your intuition.

When you become practiced at listening to that inner voice and learn not to doubt it, it grows louder and, over time, you automatically live life in accordance with it. I’ve come to believe this is what integrity is. And I definitely believe it is the foundation of freedom.

What happens outside of yourself is less stable. Sometimes things happen easily. I’ve watched things line up and fall into place, sometimes against all odds. I’ve also seen circumstances where it would seem every measure of success is forthcoming, and against all logic, it turns out it is not. But if you live with the knowledge that you can thrive regardless of what is happening around you, if you have absolutely tuned into your self, your own frequency, you are well on your way to creating exactly the existence you want and need. You are among the free.

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  1. I’m currently experiencing a crossroads in my life. There are many opportunities presented to me, but I can’t do anything without giving my full focus and attention. Just so used to being a “Jack of All Trades” sigh…

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