Love in action is service to the world.

Lynne Namka

The people I admire most live lives of service. Yes, this certainly means they dedicate time to altruistically contributing to their communities and the greater world, but it also means living their lives honouring and loving themselves. I think we so often regard service as an external process, but the people I observe living an authentic and sustained success (regardless of what the measure is) have one thing in common, they know how to take care of, and responsibility for, themselves.

These people listen to their bodies and have a knowing of when they need to move more or rest. They understand what foods they need to eat and prepare them accordingly. They are boundary keepers who draw lines and make agreements and say no when they need to. They work diligently to create the families and homes and art and businesses that are important to them, in the time they carve. They listen to themselves the way you would listen to an esteemed elder, earnestly soaking up the wisdom.

Each of us hears the same inner voice, but the people we tend to admire for one reason or another, listen and take action around that inner guidance. And that, to me, is a different way of defining service. It is a respect and reverence for the life that has been bestowed upon us. It is an understanding that we are exactly where we need to be to learn and create our worldly potential. It is a deep appreciation and celebration of our very existence through the honouring of what is truly best for each of us because we have faith there is order in the chaos.

The universe is merciful and wants each of us to be well and thriving. This looks different for each individual, despite mainstream media’s constant recirculation of a particularly flat and narrow definition of achievement. The only thing between our potential and where we find ourselves is time, effort and resistance, and resistance is usually some form of fear. To serve your life is to find a way you can move past that fear, honouring the creative force that is trying to move through you. It is your life and your choice, but you already have everything you need.

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