There is nothing like a forest to ponder perspective; the whole, the parts, the details, the immensity, just how far the reality of something can seem.

I have some goals this year, some self-imposed targets I want to hit, places from which I want to measure my growth. I haven’t taken this approach for a long time. Maybe because I am the mother of two fairly small people, I have given myself permission to tend to their needs and get through the days meeting enough of my own to get by. But as they get older, and I have a bit more free time, I want more for myself. And so, goals.

Deciding what you want, or even how you are going to get there, is rarely the tough piece of moving through life. It’s the doing, the sticking with the choice over a sustained period of time that tests us. It’s the resistance and the fear, the commitment. This morning I did something I have been scared of for a long while, over two years I have held this fear! The details are unimportant, save to say, I woke up this morning and envisioned myself (as I have many times) doing what I have been scared of, and instead of resting in the vision of it, I simply took action. You know what I discovered? It was a lot smaller of a task than I thought and was considerably easier than I imagined. It got me thinking about perspective. How often do we create storylines that prevent us from expanding?

The forest behind my home is a great inspiration to me and as I walked up and down the hills this morning (with crampons, it has been warm here, but it’s still icy), I found myself opening up. See? the forest said, it’s all possible. All you need to do is keep going. The rest is unnecessary, just let go.

Can it really be that easy? I asked the forest.

Of course.

So long as we remember to relax into life, challenging our perspective, trusting we are supported and releasing our fear. So long as we keep taking steps. It’s all possible. Trust.

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  1. How often do we create storylines that prevent us from expanding? – This is so very true. I find myself confined by self-destructive routines and it’s often the fear of exploring the unknown that keeps me chained. You’ve inspired me. Thank you for this piece.

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  2. Fear is definitely a 4-letter word! Not one we want to entertain too often. I was fortunate to discover early in my life that when a huge dragon is threatening to tear down the door and eat me, if I simply opened the door and confronted it, it often was nothing more than a tiny kitten. 🙂

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