This past weekend, I was invited to participate in some sacred ceremonies belonging to another culture. I was welcomed into something I have very little understanding of and held there, supported. I was included. It was a situation where I could easily have been held at a distance, left to observe. But I was drawn in, arms open.

All week I have been thinking about this experience. Truthfully, seeing things I have never seen before, I feel changed. Make no mistake, this isn’t a glorification of something I don’t entirely understand, but a deep gratitude for being included in a way that I felt genuine belonging in a space that does not belong to me. Inclusiveness is tremendously powerful. Not only is it acknowledgement and acceptance, it is love.

Our societies are rife with division and judgment. In so many spaces we are included only if we meet specific criteria. It’s so needless to live this way, damaging, even. It may be true that exclusivity reigns, but you know what is more powerful? Collectivity, compassion, cooperation, sharing, acceptance, respect, all versions and expressions of love. Unlike any resource or arbitrary boundaries, love is infinite; it never ends, you cannot run out of it. There is always more love to give or receive, as the case might be.

If you are here, you belong here. And if someone is going to pains to make sure you don’t feel that, they are suffering. Not including someone betrays a sense of scarcity, a lack of connection and a misunderstanding of love. There has always been and will always be enough love. Let’s share in it. There is so much exquisite sweetness in this world.

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