Morning glory in my neighbourhood

It is the time of year when many of us in the Northern hemisphere who like to garden are heavily steeped in planning for the upcoming season. While we wait for the light to return and the temperatures to warm, we dream, immersing ourselves in seed catalogues, plant nurseries and even notes from last year. We develop our vision, feeling into what we want to create, what we yearn to sow.

The beginning of any cycle is always so compelling; opportunity, freedom, ideas, flow, space. The proverbial blank slate waiting to be inscribed, the expression of the energy that has been gathering since the cold triggered dormancy last fall.

Gardening is as creative as any artistic pursuit; it invokes the divine. We plant, we water, and tend, but really, we serve. Growing plants is as proximal as we can get to Spirit and it’s why many of us grow. It inspires and connects us. It is through our gardens that we remind ourselves how interwoven we truly are, how loved and capable of loving. We walk ourselves through each season as our ancestors did, nourishing the land and it, in its turn, nourishes us. We are inspired. Each dream, each seed, each fragrance, each fruit imbuing us with the divine.   

Creativity is the act of calling divine guidance to move through us. And actions that invoke divinity tend to create more actions that invoke divinity. Creativity begets creativity. One practice informs another.  The more we plant, create, contribute, the more we are drawn ever further into the web of connectivity and the richness of life. The more connections we, or any other living thing can forge, the more resilient we are. This is Nature’s wisdom and we are wise to live by it. And so from our dreams, we drop seeds into soil and give them light. We tend and serve and grow.

We are wise to dream, it is how we begin to call Spirit into our lives.

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  1. Thanks for reflective post. Living in an apartment I don’t have a garden but have indoor plants and we have communal spaces. Perhaps I will negotiate with the gardener my share and use of the communal space. Food for thought!

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