The Network

A small part of the murmuration I couldn’t ignore!

It’s finally March, we are mere weeks away from the equinox. The wheel is turning and we are waking to what the new season is bringing. We don’t yet know what is coming, but we have a sense, we are starting to feel our way into Spring and beyond.

In Canada we likely have more cold weather to come, possibly very cold weather. It is this month and April we can become exhausted by the winter, no longer wanting to retreat into the peace and solitude, but yearning for connection with each other.

A number of years ago, I came to realize that when I am feeling this particular malaise, the best solution is to direct whatever energy I can spare toward others. Rarely are these acts of reaching out grand. A simple note to share I am thinking of someone. A question about how something in someone else’s life turned out. Sharing a photo that prompted my thoughts to shift to a particular person. Bringing someone I see on my daily way half a dozen cookies or a book I’ve recently enjoyed reading. A shared giggle or musing, an acknowledgement or recognition, or just a quick check in, the important thing is we are directing a bit of energy toward someone else. With that ever so slight effort, you’ll notice yourself feeling better. Why? Because in the simple act of even thinking of someone else, you are fortifying the network everything living belongs to. It’s an expression of love, the most powerful force that exists. And the interconnectedness ensures what you are putting out is returned to you.

As I’ve been writing this, I kept hearing this mounting sound, this noise outside my window. But the blinds were half drawn and I was trying to concentrate, so I kept diverting my attention back to the words. Eventually, the hum got so loud, I had to get up and look. I saw hundreds of birds on the trees in my front yard. Surprise! For a few minutes, the sound was deafening and then they started moving around in a great cloud, back and forth, formation after formation after formation, each pass reminiscent of the snap of a cloak upon its wearer turning, or a flag whipping in the wind. If you’ve ever seen a bird mumuration, you’ll know what I’ve just experienced. There is something incredibly transfixing about the whole thing. I don’t know what it all means, why the universe just decreed I could not ignore this moment, but I’ve got to tell you, I feel pretty connected, cared for and grateful to be alive and living in this forest.

May you move through your day feeling just how much a part of things and loved you are, too. All of us forever connected in this vast living network.

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