forest reprieve

When we experience overwhelm, we are never exactly sure what tips us over into a place of too much. Is it the lack of rest? Too many demands on our time and energy? Is it waning energy in ourselves that just happens to coincide with busyness? Some combination?

Does it matter why we feel like things are too much? Or just that we simply notice that they are too much? (In an effort to not exacerbate or replicate, of course)

Like anything that is alive, we cycle. Our energies grow, they wane. We feel intensely and then moderate. Over and over. Somewhere inside this there is wisdom, but it can be hard to access perspective when we are feeling depleted. Low energy times signal a need in us to restore ourselves .

I think of how wellness is restored in nature, how every being is interconnected, held in a web, resources shared to some extent. While it isn’t anyone else’s responsibility to care for us, it is okay to reach out and ask for help, to connect. It’s equally as okay to retreat into solitude, to break and rest.

The key to righting things when they feel wrong is to focus on exactly what makes you feel better. Reach into your self-knowledge and pull from what makes you feel safe. Eat food that nourishes you, take part in activities that you enjoy, find the rest you most need. Put down what you can, pause. When you are depleted, you are in no position to offer what little you have. That’s okay. Take care of yourself. Fill up. Restore.

And remember, everything alive is constantly changing. Tomorrow is most certainly a new day.

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