Today there has been a lot of quiet, which is both typical, in the sense that I will often choose quiet time over anything else, and unusual, because I am the mother of two small children, so quiet isn’t often an option. But today there is space and a great deal of quiet and I have been struck by how much emotion I felt just being in the quiet by myself.

It made me think of when friends periodically ask me about mindfulness and meditation, they’ve usually tried some kind of exercise and find the whole endeavour uncomfortable and stressful. Sometimes we forget how to just be. Being sounds simple enough, but when we strip away all of the distractions, all of the activity and noise we have come to accept as part of our days, we may notice that simple no longer feels simple at all. And that realization in itself can be jarring.

How we change through the seasons, all the ages and stages, is remarkable. Our capacity to adapt, changing as we need, to thrive in the here and now is amazing. In the in between times, the transitions, we must learn to trust that we will come out the other side and perhaps practice; reminding, remembering and redirecting our attention, if only so we can find gratitude for this living moment.

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