Just around the corner from my son’s school are these trees. They live across this wide city street from each other, but they have bent and grown toward each other. I look at these trees every day and often marvel at how certain living beings connect with others, how over time we bend ourselves in an effort just to be with each other. The relationship between these trees is beautiful.

People aren’t so different. Friendships are such a fortifying thing; the shared history and values, the ease brought about by all of the tacit agreements between you and another, the space to explore new terrain as it comes up, being supported and lifted, being heard and seen and understood. The sheer joy and exquisite pleasure of being totally and authentically you and being appreciated in that. These are the friendships I have worked to cultivate.

I’ve noticed other people have friendships for other reasons, or prefer to have relationships with less depth. That’s okay, too. We have the right to choose who we have in our lives, to what extent and why.

When I see these trees reaching for each other, I am grateful for our interconnectedness and each person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and sharing with. When I see the trees, I see that we are better and more resilient, when we are connected. We must hold our friends dear, reaching for them, letting them know they are held in love and appreciation, always. Years pass and we grow and bend toward each other. That’s love.

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  1. Beautiful. Valued friendships irreplaceable and my β€˜true blue’ 89 year old ex colleague friend is gradually becoming quite fragile and, as with my late mum, dread the day she won’t always be around. Thank you πŸ™‚

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      1. Thank you for that. There is an entire street of houses lined trees. These are the only two that have grown (or been allowed) to grow together. Them reaching out for each other is but one way of looking at it. 😊

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