There’s nothing that affects perspective like the lens of geological time. And there’s nothing that draws our attention to geological time more than actually seeing the layers, be they in stone, through what remains after erosion, or what we see when we delve into the earth, like the type of soil we come to know typical of a region. It all tells a story. Formation. Subduction. Creation.

All of the layers, over time and space. When we think of things on this scale, it’s immense. Humanity, even as a whole, cannot really be compared.

The power and force of Mother Earth. Her responses to us will only intensify, until we listen and act. We aren’t separate from nature, but so perfectly and beautifully designed to be part of this great living system. Once we realize the goal isn’t finding a place in the human hierarchy, but contributing how we best can, we are free to get to the work of actually taking care of ourselves, each other, and this planet.  

And taking care of nature begins with understanding, being outside and observing the beauty, coming to know the cycles and rhythms. It’s time spent breathing forest air, listening to the sounds of the nearby animals and the wind moving through the trees. It’s feeling the sun’s heat absorbed into a stone you feel compelled to touch, the cushiony, damp coolness of moss, capturing your attention with its unbelievable green.

When we come to know the natural environment we live in, we come to know we are interconnected. We begin to understand through choosing not to tend to the needs of nature, we are denying ourselves. Alternatively, when we waken to the impact of our choices, we can begin to experience the fortifying effects of a healthy, reciprocal relationship with the natural world. Connection. Joy. Strength. In waking to nature, and responding to it, we waken to our place in this massive living system, finding exactly the right spot for ourselves over time and space. Connection. Purpose. This is the moment we belong.   

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