On my walk home from a community event last night, I noticed we’re in the thick of the first step of abundance in our growing season. Plants are in bloom, there is visual interest everywhere. The air is soaked with sweet fragrance, a call to the pollinators that will kick start the fruiting of this year’s harvest, now only a few months off. The delicate seedlings of a few weeks ago have strengthened into more robust versions of themselves and perennials that have been previously established stand tall.

Everything is so vital and we are swept up into the grand show of expansiveness. In the northern hemisphere, the days are longer and as we move ever nearer to the summer solstice, we have to take care to tend to ourselves, all of us running a very real risk of depletion as days stretch far into the night. In the long hours of the sun, we feel like we have infinite time and energy. We are inclined to over-produce and over-commit and we must remind ourselves while our surroundings seem to be in overdrive, we cannot be. But there is something so intoxicating about abundance, of time, energy and space. And in our memory resides the difficult slowness of our opposite season, winter, so we succumb, joyfully, to the light. And so we should, it is part of us gathering our stores for later in the year.

Also illuminated at this time of year is what’s truly important, those aspects of our lives that nourish us and those that deplete. May we use some of the light to examine what isn’t serving us, releasing it as unapologetically and easily as our plant friends would. What works, works; what doesn’t, simply doesn’t. May we become part of the benevolent exchange of energy that is that natural world. May we come to terms with the fact that not all things are meant for us and let go.  

Modern life may be too full, too complicated and too busy. As a reaction, let us be in our summer. Aware and embracing the expansiveness. Grateful for the colour and scent and the particular moment, lungs full of the joy and vitality of the season. Summer is coming. It’s almost here.  

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