At once

In each of our lives are people who have the capacity to hold contradictory things at once. It’s simple, yet extraordinary.

These are the people who are able to overlook the binaries like they’ve never existed, the poles so many of us are needlessly stuck on.

The people who have no need to label or categorize or make sense of the world in absolutes, these are the people I strive to be like, grateful for their knowledge and seemingly endless grace.

These are the people who hold much more than their share, imbuing our collective spaces with examples of truth and forgiveness and love, offering us a script for change, showing us how to come together and move past difficulties.

These are the people who understand intimately that humans are both light and dark, the people who can withstand the discomfort of imperfection from themselves and each other.

These are the people to look to. May we hear them and give them support as they quietly show us the way back to love.

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