No doubt about it, life can be hard. That difficulty can take your breath away, it can immobilize you. The weight of what you are carrying can become oppressive and suddenly everything seems challenging to navigate. Everyone gets to these places, everyone struggles at some point. It’s what we choose to do when we are in a prolonged state of stress or difficulty that characterizes our experience in the long term and effectively our quality of life.

Just as we plant seeds and tend to our gardens, or plant trees and tend to our land, we must do the same for ourselves. We owe it to ourselves to assess and reassess our needs and keep up to them, nurturing ourselves the same way we nurture the life we are surrounded by. Without adequate stores of the nutrients we need to live, we suffer needlessly. And while our connection to others in reciprocal relationships is one of the pillars of our wellness, the work of actually being well is ours and ours alone.

Know that whatever your situation and circumstance, however dire things may seem, however isolated you feel, no matter how far you feel you are gone, regardless of how much you are questioning yourself, there is a way to come to the place you want in life. Getting yourself there may not be easy or straightforward, but it is always within your control to change. It is giving ourselves the permission to release the things we find we don’t actually want (sometimes this is through trial and error) and prompting ourselves to move toward what we do, even when we are scared. It is desiring and making movement. Imagine cultivating flexibility and being unafraid to let go and embrace the new. Instead of choosing to fortify your rigidity, think of cultivating openness. What does that feel like to even think about? When we are unattached to forcing things, we are able to receive so much more goodness, and, in turn, give away so much more goodness.

Change is a funny thing. Sometimes the energy outlay seems like a switch flipping and other times we regard it like some Sisyphean journey we find reprieve from only after many trips uphill. Usually, we don’t come to consider change until we notice we are struggling. And when we are struggling, we are typically expending so much energy in that struggle that we are loathe to spare more to shift things. But gathering our energy and redirecting and dreaming and noticing again all of the beauty and sweetness in this world, we begin to make sense of how we will make things different. And, in doing so, we are rewarded many times over.

There is always choice, at least in the mind. Plant positivity. Take such good care of yourself that there is no need in you for anything else.   

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