There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t have a moment or two of gratitude for the people in my life and everything I learn from them. Whether it’s a hug from my husband, or him coming to tell a funny or interesting story midday, a tip from a neighbor about growing a particular plant as she walks an offering from her garden across the street to me, something pertinent someone in my life has said in the past popping up in the present, or a quick catch up with someone I haven’t seen in awhile, I feel genuinely blessed for the richness that good relationships afford.

It isn’t just that healthy relationships fortify us, both the giving and receiving, though that is certainly wonderful, too. It’s that we teach each other and learn and grow together. It’s the coming to terms with all the aspects of life together, with grace and humanity.

There’s something about walking alongside the same people for many years. We both give and receive reflections of ourselves. We come to see ourselves and each other differently through others’ eyes, and even when it’s difficult to contend with what we see, we can be grateful for the clarity of a new perspective. New perspectives, ushering us forward into the next phase, reminding us that we are meant to shed and transform and grow, always, just like everything else that is alive.      

There is so much to be learned in relationships. And as long as you are willing to be personally responsible for all you bring, you will have access to noticing the love you are always surrounded by. Such is life. Is there anything more inspiring?

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