In my last post, I discussed coming from a place of patience, letting things work for us. This is a great approach, but as I climbed this path behind my house, I began thinking about how passivity is not always what we need. Sometimes our lives simply require us to be more active. Sometimes whatever we have to navigate is uphill. Sometimes when things are difficult they require us to just move through them. Sometimes we simply encounter variable terrain.

There isn’t a particular reason for this, it just is. And even if there is a reason, does that change things? Make it somehow easier? Not really. Sometimes we just encounter hills.

How do we decide when to push through and when to wait? These types of decisions likely depend on a lot of things: how much energy do we have? How much time? What will be required of us to force change?

Indications that we may want to climb the proverbial hill:

-feeling fear or resistance
-feeling frustrated
-things have gotten stagnant
-change/growth has slowed down or stopped
-our current situation isn’t healthy
-something isn’t working
-something feels “off”

Sometimes we wait and sometimes we push. Balance, friends.

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