Sometimes it takes a long time before real change happens in our lives. Sometimes something happens externally and is beyond our control, and other times, we go to great pains to make shifts. The latter, the going to effort to shake things up and experience something new is what’s up around here right now.

We’re going on a vacation. Or, as my husband would say, a trip. According to him, we don’t really ever go on vacation, save for a few days here and there, because the traveling we like to do is typically pretty adventurous.

This time we are heading north. 3,616 kilometres northwest of Calgary, to be precise, to Tuktoyaktuk. We’ll be dipping our toes in the Arctic Ocean from the Northwest Territories. No, we are not driving the entire way, though this is due to the practical nature of my better half, who actually entertained driving all that distance for several months, simply because I said I’d like to do it that way. Finally, at some point he came to me and said something like “Great trip, don’t want to drive the whole way, why don’t we fly into Whitehorse? Oh, and have you heard of pingos?” Frankly, this is one of the million reasons why I married him: he’s rational and a great counterbalance. And his borderline encyclopedic knowledge of geography is also amazing.

So, we are going away for a bit, with our little ones in tow. They are great travelers (as far as 4 and 8 year olds go) and are rather used to being stretched in this way. They are also huge lovers of nature, so there is plenty in it for them, too.

I have an assignment to cover the trip, but other than that and my usual family memory making documentation that I am quite certain will only get ever more annoying for my kids as they get older (and I hope they will get some joy out of looking back on at some point beyond that), I am not sure how much writing and sharing I will do. And not just because we will be out of cell service for a few days at a time. I am looking forward to a bit of a reset. Something new. Discovery, curiosity and exploration, with my family.

I’ll write weekly for sure, so do follow along if you like!

Also, if you have any questions about this part of the world, post them here or send me a note, I’d love to learn whatever I can.

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