In Alberta we are living in deep winter this week. Temperatures are hovering around minus 30 Celcius, not taking windchill into account. The days are still short and the nights long. The dark, the stillness and quiet are at once reassuring and baffling.

This season is challenging to all of us and we respond accordingly. Unusual projects and expressions emerge. Maybe we find ourselves going to bed earlier or later. There is a brief time, while we are all suspended in the cold, where we tacitly understand that life as usual is on pause.

This time, in winter, is sacred. In the darkness we can sense everything and nothing together, the stillness so intense it is both confounding and life affirming. This is a most spectacular shade of winter. Listen for the quiet, it may not be this deep again for a year, or even two. And even then, who knows?

What do we know anyway? What can we count on? The sun will rise tomorrow. The daylight will be marginally longer than yesterday. In a week or so, the intensity of this particular spot of winter will certainly have lifted. In mere months, spring will gather us up in a purposeful rush and release us into the remainder of the year. But that’s later. Let us feel again into now. For now, the bitter cold and sacred stillness. The earth wordlessly calling us into repose. We accept. We gratefully accept.

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  1. Thanks Lauren,
    I am content to stay in my cozy little house. The extreme cold gives me permission to do that, to just be.
    I love the beauty of the sparking snow, a blanket of protection for what will be in the coming months. The view, from the warm comfort of my warm cozy nest.
    I am so thankful for the choice.
    Homemade soups, root vegetables , projects that so need to be completed that now, seem to appeal to me.
    The holding pattern will soon come to an end. Perhaps warm Chinook Winds will embrace us, We will venture out, enjoy the Alberta blue sky, the crunch of the snow under our feet, outdoor activities will resume.
    .Fior now, we wait, with great anticipation for what is to come.

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  2. I’ve visited Edmonton in December and find this post evokes the feeling of winter there–the snow crunching underfoot, the sun retreating at 4 in the afternoon. Some very nice writing.


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